People’s Defense Shooting Race ( LOS)
in Tábor – Čekanice

Deadline : Saturday, April 25, 2009
Organizer : Shooting club Čekanice

Competition rules :

according to LOS rules, posted on the club notice board and downloadable at


Participation : General shooting public with a valid firearms license.

Documents : identity card, firearms license, firearms license.

Race capacity :

about 50 shooters. More participants is not a problem, just the end of the race is postponed. Registration for the best e-mail: jomekabi @ gmail.com stating: Name and surname, no. ZP weapon. This will speed up the registration, for which we thank you in advance.

Registration : 8.00 – 9.50
Joint entry : 10.00

Start of shooting : 10.20

Entry fee :

Members of the LEX association and members of SK Čekanice 120 CZK

The other 180 CZK

Competition director :

Josef Bílek, assistant in organizational matters Josef Vlček

Main judge :

Jan Šanda

Judges :

They will be delegated from trained members of SK Čekanice and LEX association

Results :

within 20 minutes after the race

Protests :

resolved immediately with a deposit of CZK 200 with the main judge, his decision is final

Prizes :

the most successful shooters in each category will receive a diploma and a prize in kind according to the organizer’s ability.

Category :

pistol, revolver, backup pistol, backup revolver, according to LOS rules. The category will be announced if at least 4 shooters meet in it.

Ammunition :

only permitted by law, with a soft, non-steel core.

Equipment :

Weapon and holster according to LOS rules. At least 50 rounds, two magazines, for revolvers a tool for quick reloading or a case for bullets.

Number of shooting situations, targets:

4 shooting situations, of which 1 secret, a maximum of 6 targets per situation, targets and non-targets simulating real defensive situations.

Security :

entrance to the shooting range with a discharged weapon. Discharge of the weapon at the entrance to the shooting range, in a place reserved for that. Movement on the shooting range only with the weapon discharged, with the cock lowered and without the magazine. Charging the weapon at the shooting range only on the firing line at the command of the referee. Manipulation with a discharged weapon is possible only in the marked safe zone – there is a strict ban on handling ammunition. Ammunition handling, eg strapping magazines, anywhere outside the safe zone. Eye and ear protection is mandatory. Violation of safety means immediate disqualification of the competitor , without refunding the entry fee. Competitors start at their own risk and are responsible for the damage and injury caused by them.

Refreshments are fully provided at the shooting range.