Price list for renting a shooting range in Čekanice .
Valid from 1.3.2008

The shooting range is the property of the Sports Shooting Club 0089 Tábor and is not a public shooting range.
SK Čekanice, but allows shooting to all those interested in shooting at specified times, or by prior arrangement.

There is no possibility to rent weapons or sell ammunition at the shooting range.

Rent one condition for one person, for 1 and every started hour.
Shooting at paper targets:
– the price includes a paper target, blanking plugs and headphone rental 130 CZK
Rent one condition, for one person, for 1 and every started hour.
Shooting at metal targets:
– the price includes the rental of headphones and goggles 120 CZK
When renting a shooting range, the shooting range is rented by a person with a firearms license, who may have a maximum of one other person in the shooting range, for whom he bears full responsibility, and for whom he pays + CZK 60.

Rental of binoculars for each and every hour started. CZK 80
Shooting a long bullet weapon by a member of SK Čekanice. CZK 250
Rental of the entire shooting range for the whole day from 8 am to 4 pm
Applies to shooting clubs for competitions.
– for each hour started outside the indicated time:
1,800 CZK
+ 200 CZK
Rental of shooting ranges for other organizations and armed forces.
– must be ordered at least 7 working days in advance: Contract price
Rent 3 to 6 people for 3 to 4 hours.
– valid for small groups, must be ordered at least 3 working days in advance. Contract price
Examinations to obtain a firearms license, practical part.
– for each candidate
– for each borrowed weapon
Upon arrival, a deposit of CZK 150 must be paid, which is deducted after passing the exam from the total amount of the candidate for the practical part of the exam to obtain a ZP. In case of failure in passing the test for obtaining the ZP, this part is forfeited in favor of the shooting range for the costs incurred.
450 CZK
+ 150 CZK

When using the shooting range for commercial purposes, a non-member of the club. (shooting training, etc.).
using the shooting state
for each and every shooter
CZK 200 + CZK 100

Orders and other information on phone numbers:

Milan SLUNEČKO + 420 775 663 680

Jan ŠANDA + 420 606 751 853